Main Cast
Polar Dan
The leader and prime mover of the basement rock band, "The Lunch", Dan struggles to lead his band to success. Dan writes songs, plays rhythm guitar and sings background vocals.
Tippy Tiger
Extroverted, loquacious, popular, Tippy is the frontman of The Lunch. Despite his bravado, he needs encouragement from his fans, his friends, and his bandmates. 
Magic Rat
As skilled an inventor as he is an improvisor, Magic Rat is the lead guitarist for The Lunch. He can be ascerbic but like lead singer Tippy, he seems to be unaware of his own skill and acclaim.
Peter Lyon
Quiet in person, Peter packs a wallop as the drummer for The Lunch. He graduated from a math magnet school and he is also a magnet for the young females in the audience.
Badger Bob

Bob plays bass guitar and is Polar Dan's best friend and counselor. Compare with Boo Boo of "The Yogi Bear Show." Like Boo Boo, Bob offers sage advice and asks as the conscience of the band.
Lunch & 
Created by D. Dan Murphy
Supporting Characters
Sassy Bunny

Susan Sasso aka "Sassy Bunny" is the factotum of the band and also their number one fan. She discovered The Lunch when she was a high school senior reporting for her school's newspaper.

Greg is the manager of the The Lunch. He left his family's construction business to follow his passion: music. When he realized he didn't have the chops to be a musician, he sought out the next closest thing: band management.