Storyboards by D. Dan Murphy
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​Concept Art
99% of the work that I do is drawing shooting boards for film and television. I rarely accept contracts to do concept art because the term "concept art" is vague and undefined. Consequently, there much room for disagreements and miscommunication. The frames directly below present a case of this: the director of "Into the Valley" hired me to do "concept art." However, he did not look at my website before we entered into a contract. Later I found out that this director wanted "pre-viz" (pre-visualization) work--this is the industry term for photo-realistic work. A cursory glance of my website would have revealed to him that I do not create pre-viz work. (Pro Tip: Always look at an artist's work before you hire them. Of course, if you are reading this, then you already know that!) So the following frames are my impression of "concept art." Is it concept art? You must decide. Thank you for reading.
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Fun with gradient blends and the Mach 5 (or 7) from the tv show, "Speed Racer."
Early concept art for a bank-heist themed student film.